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Postman Pat is a Kidnapper

‘Postman Pat is a Kidnapper’

I thought after my last post, you’d all have beggared off to read something more tasteful.  I still haven’t checked my blog subscription stats as I’m scared there’ll just be this big gaping hole where all the names used to be.  But I gained a new follower today so hello to ‘momofuc.’  So I guess there’s still a few gluttons for punishment as the saying goes.  *waves to the faithful*  Thank you. x

Anyway, important news in the Brink of Bedlam household.  Postman Pat is a kidnapper.  Oh yes he is!  Horace found the kids’ Postman Pat, toy red van yesterday at the bottom of the toy box……and in it were approximately 6 lego men.  All must have been kept captive in there for at least a couple of months.  It looked like Pat had been collecting all the members of the YMCA  hit song.

There was a builder, an army guy and other characters.  One was headless I think. Postman Pat is sicker than you’d ever have imagined.   I shall never watch that cartoon ever again without a knowing smirk.

Postman Pat, you’re a baaaad man.

P.S I always get quite a few random hits from Google when I post about Postman Pat.  I guess there must be a lot of fans out there.  If you like this post, please read some of my others meanderings rather than disappearing off into the ether again.  I do toy reviews, pls click on the ‘Reviews’ tab and see where it takes you.  The one where the Sylvannian Bunnies get strip searched by customs is quite a good one. 

Postman Pat’s 30th Birthday!

Postman Pat’s 30th Birthday!

Everybody now! ‘Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his Black and White Cat! Sing like you mean it!

On 16th September 2011 Postman Pat is turning 30 and in celebration, Character Options is giving children the chance to send Pat a birthday card and if they do so they will receive a reply* from the man himself!

Personally I remember Postman Pat from when I was a kid, and I have a lot of affection for the programme.  My youngest loves the series too, and was very excited when I told him it would be Postman Pat’s birthday soon.  Character Options have a range of Postman Pat toys too, so anyone who wants to make up their own postal adventures can do too.  My youngest has a Postman Pat truck and has been ferrying invisible birthday presents to and fro ever since he heard about Pat’s birthday.  I think he wants to be a party planner when he grows up.

Happy Birthday Postman Pat!

If your child would like to wish Postman Pat a happy birthday and join in with the festivities they can send drawings and cards to:

Postman Pat

Evolution PR

The Abbey Centre


NN11 4XG

*All responses will be made via email (Postman Pat doesn’t want to overload the postal service ‘cos he’s nice like that).  To receive an email reply from Postman Pat you need to include a valid email address and the child’s name.